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Every family has a story.

When we look back on our our lives, the moments that stand out the most are going to be the ones that we have an emotional connection to; the ones that hopelessly tug at our hearts and give us All The Feels.

Most families don’t think of their everyday lives as being “photo worthy”; they think of photography as something that happens in a lush field of wildflowers where everyone is dressed in their Sunday best.

The moments I photograph don’t happen in a field. They happen in your home, in your everyday life. When I photograph you, you’ll get to see how beautiful your “normal” really is.

The well-loved toys and books on the floor, exhausted from heavy use. The artful drawings messily taped to the wall. Fingerprints where they probably don’t belong. Your home is where you can be yourselves, where you don’t have to dress up nicely or or be on your best behavior.

And that, right there, is your story.

The story you'll want to remember. The one that'll bring on laughter and make your heart swell; the one you'll want to share and experience again and again.

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bergen county photographer

So, how does it work?

Before your session.

We'll talk, you'll tell me your hopes and dreams for the session, and I'll answer any questions. My connection with you extends beyond my arriving and pressing the shutter button. It's important to all of us, little ones included, that there's a level of comfort and trust when I enter your home.

During your session.

I'll be a casual observer as you go about your day. It's really that simple. I won't pose or direct you; I'll simply make photos as you do whatever you happen to be doing. Maybe everyone’s in their pajamas getting breakfast ready. Maybe you're getting the little ones dressed or baking together. Maybe you're working on a school project or playing a game or reading. Or maybe we're off to the farmer's market or your favorite lunch spot. You do your thing and I'll make pictures.

Following your session.

I’ll show you the very best photos from our time together, and you’ll decide how you'd like for me to deliver them to you.

Now, doesn’t that sound pretty awesome?