Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Congers, New York

Do you remember those first few baths when your little one really was little? Do you remember the anxiety and the worry? What on earth am I supposed to do? What if I get water up his nose? What if he screams the whole time?

I remember my little ones' first baths. I figured out what to do. I probably got water up both of their noses and yes, they both screamed. The whole time. All parents go through this.

Babies really don't come with instruction manuals. But in a way, that's good, because it gives each of us an opportunity to make parenthood our own. We get to love the way we know how to love, and make our own mistakes, and, if we're lucky, learn from them.

This couple's first child was born just two weeks prior to our session date. And this little boy was just delicious. See for yourself.