Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Wyckoff, New Jersey

Fall is such a wonderful time. It might even be my favorite time of year. The weather is no longer unbearably hot, which means we can venture outside without fear of breaking into a sweat. The leaves are turning the most glorious of hues, and then falling to the ground. And, perhaps my favorite part: the holidays are fast approaching, and to me, that pretty much means one thing.

It means family.

I love being an observer of families, a family historian of sorts. I get to catch little moments of love and preserve them for my families. Maybe what I'm seeing isn't always life in an absolutely unscripted fashion. Everyone knows I'm there, and the truth is, they might behave differently if I weren't around. The littlest ones are usually watching me to see what I'm doing, watching my every move, usually with a curious smile. Despite my presence and their knowledge of it, my focus is on those quiet moments, when real life and real moments find their way into the session.

I've photographed these little girls a few times now, and each time, I swear they get sweeter and sweeter. They both have a wonderful curiosity about them, and they share a fondness for one another that is just so precious to watch blossom. All of this makes them ridiculously easy to photograph. And those smiles? I mean, come on.

From the outset, as we started to walk together, the younger daughter instinctively took my hand and started walking, as if I were someone that she knew, someone that she trusted.

As a photographer, that meant more to me than I can express.

My thanks to this family for once again allowing me a chance to save a few moments in these girls' lives.