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If we're lucky, and most of us would probably say that we are, we can find ourselves surrounded by people who love us and support us and who do kind things for us. Usually when we need it, but sometimes even when we don't.

Now and then I think back to how I got to where I am. And I'm always reminded of those people who helped me along the way. Sometimes it was something as simple as lending an ear or giving me a lift or a jump when my car broke down. Or maybe it was something thoughtful to lift my spirit, like the time a friend dropped by with flowers one morning after a particularly difficult night of teething. Or maybe it was something a bit more complex, like loaning me money at a time when I needed it, or helping in some way when I was going through a rough time.


My life isn't perfect, but I count myself as extremely fortunate. Some days are wonderful, where I'm as happy as a clam, as high as the sky, and nothing can get me down. Other days can be a real struggle. But even the tough days are still pretty good when I think about some of the things that are going on in our world today.

As both a human and a business owner, this puts me in a unique position.

I want to give back. I want to lift some spirits. I want to make someone's heart feel a little lighter. I want to do some good deeds and be a good-deed-doer.

Moving forward, several times per year, I'm going to be looking for nominations for a family to whom I can gift an in-home Storytelling Session.

Put on your thinking caps, because the time is now!

Maybe it's a family who isn't in a position to afford the investment and has never had family photos taken. Maybe it's a family that has just gone through something challenging or emotional, and need to celebrate each other and whatever it is they've just overcome. Or maybe they're in the thick of it, and their days could use a little brightening until the storm passes.

Maybe it's a family you know, or maybe it's your family. You decide who you want to nominate. 

The session would be all-inclusive and there would be no exchange of money. After the deadline, I'll select a family at random.

No, this isn't a cure-all. Family photos aren't going to pay the bills, and they aren't going to cure an illness. They aren't going to solve any problems of any sort, really. But my hope is a simple one: to spread joy at a time when joy might not be so easy to find.

You can nominate a family by filling out this form. The deadline to nominate a family this time around is February 28, 2017.

Thank you! And thanks for reading.