Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Mahwah, New Jersey

So much of our day-to-day lives is about getting through it all. The cooking, the laundry. Getting the kids dressed appropriately. Making sure they're clean and fed and that their little teeth are brushed. It's about making things happen and getting things done. It's about picking things up and putting things away. (And some days, it's about putting things away repeatedly!) It's about making sure everything gets accomplished. It's about making it to the end of the day while ensuring everyone's health, safety, sanity, and hopefully happiness.

We should remember to press that pause button every once in a while. What an absolute joy it is to put everything on hold every now and again. It allows us to breathe. It allows us to recuperate from the daily grind. It allows us to stop and really see what's before us and what's around us.

For this session, mom and dad wanted the focus to be not on them but on their three children. They wanted me to capture a morning in their lives as children, doing what they do. They wanted me to capture them playing, enjoying themselves, and enjoying each other. The beauty of that is when you allow children to simply be, they are free to be themselves and to do what makes them happy. This translates into great photos.

These three, who are all pretty close in age, played independently, they played in pairs, and they played as a group.

And how fitting, really, that the focus was on the children. Because at the end of the day, isn't that what parenthood is all about? Giving our children a legacy of love and memories that last a lifetime.

My thanks to this family and these little buttons for letting me tag along on a Sunday morning.