Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Hillsdale, New Jersey

Three boys.

I have two girls, so having boys, and three of them, live in my home is a phenomenon that I simply can't wrap my mind around.

But this mom, and this dad... They had it all under control.

Everything was so chill. I arrived and the boys were in their matching Batman pajamas, fresh out of bed. Books were read, towers were built, fidget spinners were spun. Monopoly was played. Then cupcakes were baked, decorated, and consumed. And we finished with a little backyard play. All in the name of a lazy Saturday morning at home.

I was amazed and moved by how every word was said with love and respect. How the boys listened and responded when asked to do something. How happy they were, every last one of them.

And yes, they had company that morning, and I can appreciate that we put our best selves on display when we have company around. But with this family, it was so obvious to me that they weren't putting on a show. This was their reality. This mutual love and respect was real. And it seemed to create an atmosphere of great joy.

What an inspiration!

I'm so thankful to have been invited to share a morning with them.