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Being the parents of young children, my husband and I are always looking for interesting things to do as a family. This past week we paid a visit to the Children's Museum of Manhattan on the Upper West Side of New York City.

We got the museum passes from our local library, which holds a membership to the museum. (Yours might, too. Give them a call to find out.)

Rather than take public transportation (my children sometimes resist walking, and I didn't want to run into a situation where we had to carry them through the subway system), we drove into the city and found unmetered street parking not too far from the museum. We did have to pay attention to the signs, though, since we arrived at a time when many cars had to be moved because of street cleaning restrictions.

We weren't sure how long the museum would keep our children entertained, but I'm pleased to report we were there from 11am until they closed at 5pm.

One very nice thing about the museum is you can leave and come back, which is helpful with young people. We took two "fresh air" breaks. At around 1pm we left for lunch and at around 3:30pm we left for a gelato. After the museum closed, we grabbed dinner at a local spot and I had one of the best margaritas of my life. (OK, two of the best.)

The museum is fantastic, and well worth the trip. It's very child-friendly, very clean, as you can imagine, and it keeps children occupied with not only group activities and experiments, but loads of opportunities for independent play.

Strollers should be left at home, though, or you can check them at the museum door.

I think I recall seeing bathrooms on every floor, and there was even a place on the 4th floor where moms were able to nurse their babies.

In the end, we had a wonderful time. I highly recommend going.