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twins playing in the dirty

It's Fall, y'all!

There's that familiar chill in the air and the gentle rustle when you walk across those first few leaves that have fallen to the ground. Halloween is around the corner, everything smells like pumpkin spice, and sooner than we realize, those falling leaves are going to turn from green into those beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows.

It's also the time of year when so many photographers offer mini sessions.

Well, not me. Not this year.

After doing it for a few years, I've discovered that I'm not in love with the photos I create out of mini sessions. There's simply too little time for me to earn the trust of the little people I'm charged with creating beautiful photographs of. There's too little time for me to capture those natural, organic moments that occur within a family. There's too little time for me to learn how a family functions or how beautifully they love one another when they aren't feeling the pressure of time.

Everyone gets dressed nicely. You pile into the car, head to a park and play among the leaves, or pose with props, or stand with a perfect smile for the camera. You're there for a finite period of time and hope to leave with that "perfect" holiday card photo.

Or maybe that's not how it happens at all. Maybe your child doesn't want to wear what you've selected. Maybe your husband would rather be at home, watching the game. Maybe the timing isn't right, and a nap has to be missed. Maybe someone didn't sleep well the night before, or has a tooth coming in, or is simply not having a great day. Maybe you forgot snacks or your son's favorite toy or your daughter's favorite book. Couple these possible issues with the time limit of the photographer, and you may end up with a less-than-"perfect" photo.

I don't want to deliver photos that you aren't going to love. I don't want to deliver photos that don't have great significance and meaning to you. I don't want to deliver photos that you're going to look back on when your children are grown and not feel weepy. 

dad reading to boys, bergen county family photographer

I want you to feel weepy. I want you to have the feels. All. The. Feels.

Because I don't want to waste your time, I will be offering full family sessions. These sessions allow me to observe and capture your family, as you are, where you live and where you all feel the most comfortable and most natural. These sessions give me the opportunity to photograph your children in their own environments. In clothing of their choosing. Where they're close to their toys and books and bathrooms and snacks. On your turf, where you're in control of the situation. Where I can capture you sitting and simply watching your child finger through his favorite book, or show you her favorite toy, or make a pretend cup of tea, or arrange his toy cars carefully in a row. Or when you're sitting together, hugging and loving and laughing. Things you've seen them do a thousand times, sure, but things you're going to remember with great fondness once they're grown.

And let's face it: when children are relaxed and happy, parents are relaxed and happy. And that is what makes for beautiful photos.

Treat yourself to a full session this year, and give me the opportunity to press that pause button for you.

You'll be so glad you did.