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Someone recently asked me if family photography ever gets boring. And my answer was: Never!

Photographing families in their homes is much like reading a book. Books have the same structure: a front and back cover, a binding, and pages with words or pictures inside that tell a story.

Like books, families are structured similarly: the lucky ones have a place to call home. There's a parent present, sometimes two. There's a child present, sometimes more. Or there's a pet present, sometimes more. But that's where the similarities end. Every family is unique, and every family's uniqueness is beautiful and amazing. Like books, every family's story is different.

This family is a perfect example. As you can see, a little woman lives there, and she recently enjoyed her first birthday. She has a little sister or brother on the way. And the photos below document a typical Saturday morning in their home. Nothing special, it would seem. But look closely. To them, I'd say these moments are particularly special.

These are the moments you're going to want to remember. One day, toys won't litter the floor anymore, and the little ones in your house will be feeding themselves and not making a mess of it, if you can believe that. In some ways, this time may be a challenging time, but in so many ways, it's a time we as parents are going to look back on with such fondness and love.

Friends, thank you so much for having me over! It was a pleasure.