Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Oakland, New Jersey

Almost as soon as I announced that I would be booking documentary photography sessions, this family was on board. They have two small boys, ages almost 5 and almost 2. And, if you ask me, these boys can be counted among the world's sweetest human beings.

It was a lazy Sunday morning, a usual one for them, and Dad and the boys made pancakes while Mom watched from the other room with a hot cup of coffee. The oldest was dressed and ready to go when I arrived, and the youngest was still in his pajamas, but was equally ready to go. He stayed in his pajamas for a little while but then quickly disrobed, spending much of the session in just his diaper. His parents said that was very much his preference, and so it very quickly became my preference.

Life with two under 5 can be exciting! And challenging. And ridiculously wonderful. And insanely messy. But it's only a short time before the little ones are no longer little, and sweet, messy, sticky mornings like these are just a memory.

This is why documentary sessions are so special. I'm able to capture the everyday. I'm able to save those special mornings and moments that might seem pretty routine. But in the end, they are anything but.

I'm so thankful to this family for trusting me and for allowing me this lovely little peek into their world.