Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Wyckoff, New Jersey

Sometimes when I meet a new family, there's a period of time at the beginning of a session when any little ones in the house are a little bit reserved or hide from the stranger with the big black camera.

Not this little boy. He warmed up to me pretty much immediately. He showed me where he plays and sleeps. He showed me his books and his toys, he showed me his snacks. He wanted me to see his backyard and his playroom. It was as if we were old buddies!

What I love most about lifestyle photography is that it allows me so many opportunities to capture moments. Moments of joy, moments of contemplation.  Moments of love and tenderness. A touch, a kiss, a smile or a laugh, and, as you can see below, even the occasional yawn.

Melissa and Noah, thank you for inviting me to photograph your beautiful family.