Erika Kao Photography  |  Bergen County Photographer  |  Wyckoff, New Jersey

My family has known Michael and Rachel and their littles for as many years as we have been parents, and they have asked me many times to capture their family with my camera. Every time it is an honor, and every time I get a clearer picture of exactly what the word family means.

It involves the obvious, like loving and supporting and teaching and learning. It also means more than what goes on within the structure of your home. It means opening your home to others in your community, giving generously of yourselves so that others may have reason to smile and laugh. It means dropping what you're doing in order to lend a hand or an ear to someone in need, no matter the need.

Michael and Rachel live these qualities, and they are raising their children to do the same.

What a joy it was to capture this Day In The Life session for them. Thanks, Friends, for this opportunity.