Every family has a story, and every story is beautiful.

I mean, who doesn't want that perfect holiday card photo? The one where everyone's wearing clean clothes, where everyone's well-behaved, where everyone's hair is done, where everyone's smiling and looking at the camera. I don't take those kinds of photos yet even I still want a photo like that once in a while.

Everyone wants that. But what I want to show you is how beautiful the everyday is. How colorful and authentic the house becomes when everyone chooses their own clothing, their own activity, their own snack. Where you can see the well-loved toys and books on the floor, exhausted from heavy use. Where you can be yourselves, in the safety and sanctity of your own home, and feel however you want to feel and do whatever you want to do.

That's how I tell your story. The one you'll want to remember. The one that'll bring on laughter and make your heart swell. The one you want to share and experience again and again.

I tell the story of your life, of your family, as it is, honestly, authentically, beautifully.


Once we settle on a date, I'll want to spend a little time talking with you, whether that's on the phone or in person over coffee. (I've even been known to hop on Skype or Google Hangouts for a video chat.) This gives us a chance to meet and see one another, to talk about your hopes and dreams for the session, and for me to tell you a little more about what you can expect. My connection with you extends far beyond my arriving and pressing the shutter button. It's important to all of us, little ones included, that there's a level of comfort and trust when I enter your home.


Once I arrive, it'll feel like a friend stopped by. I'll be a casual observer as you go about your day. It's really that simple. I won't pose you, I won't direct you; I'll simply make photos as you do whatever you happen to be doing. Maybe you're you're making coffee or preparing breakfast. Maybe you're getting the little ones dressed or cooking breakfast together. Maybe you're working on a school project or folding laundry or playing a game or reading books. Or maybe we're off to the farmer's market or your favorite lunch spot.

If it's something you might do when I'm not there, then it's something you should absolutely do when I am there.


Following the session, we'll set up another visit for me to show you the very best photos, where you can see the simple beauty of your world as I saw it through my lens. It's during this visit that you'll be able to select your favorite photos and decide how you'd like to me to deliver them to you, whether that's an album, matted prints, or digital collections.

Then, within a few weeks, I'll personally deliver your goodies.