Put very simply, documentary photography tells a story. Your story.

Family photography can take many forms. Sometimes everyone dresses up and heads to a studio or a park and smiles for the camera. Sometimes everyone dresses up and stays at home, where the photographer captures them looking their best in their own environment in a semi-scripted fashion. And sometimes, everyone throws on whatever clothes they would on any ordinary Saturday and does whatever they would ordinarily be doing, paying no mind to the fact that a photographer is watching from the other side of the room.

There's no right or wrong way to make great family photos.

When you bring me on as your family photographer, I will photograph you and your family doing whatever it is you want to be doing. I won't pose you and I won't tell you what you should wear. When I come to your home, I won't expect that the toys or laundry have been put away, and I won't expect to see a sink void of dirty dishes or a kitchen counter void of bills or birthday cards or school forms. All of this is what comprises your life right now. You can hide this beautiful reality from the photographer at the studio. You won't need to hide it from me. (Trust me; I get it. I probably have an identical mess at home.)



Because real life is amazing! Beauty is what we're left with when we strip away the extra stuff and see our lives for what they are.

Runny noses. A floor you can barely see because books and toys are scattered everywhere. Hugs. Tears. Band-Aids. Goldfish and apple slices and milk. Fingerprints on the window. Painting and drawing and coloring and practicing handwriting. Someone didn't share, so there are more hugs and more tears. Playing board games, or building with Legos in pajamas and mismatched socks. Kisses. Holding hands. Building couch cushion forts and screaming and running around to the point of exhaustion.

The beauty of our individual reality is all around us, every single day. If you look carefully, you'll find that you're surrounded with delicious little moments like these.

Most people think that a beautiful photo means combed hair and coordinated outfits and spit-shined cheeks and a scenic park. And maybe sometimes it does. But there's beauty in your home, in your everyday lives, where you live and breathe and love. That's the beauty I can show you.


Collections are all-inclusive (which means that with every package, you get something, whether it's digital photos or an album, or both) and pricing begins at $800.


Before we even schedule a date, I'm going to want to hear your voice over the phone. It seems like the more devices and apps we have access to, the less we actually connect with one another. Think of a phone call as our first step in writing your story.

Your session will likely take place at your home. Your home is where you are the most "you," where you and your children feel the most safe. And, most importantly, one day your children are going to wonder about the home where they grew up. So you'll want to have photos to show them.


Dress as you would any day when the plan is to hang at home: simply, comfortably, naturally. This session is about your real life; you should be comfortable and your family should be comfortable. If you're feeling ambitious, you might even want to let your children choose their own clothes for the day. If they choose what they want to wear, you have the added bonus of allowing their personalities shine through in their photos!

Then, all that's left is to enjoy. I'll arrive, we'll chat for a bit. Children do well when they know what's going on and when they're surrounded by people they like and trust. So, warming up to them is usually one of the first things I do.

I'm going to want you to simply do your thing, and let your children and your pets do their thing. I won't direct or pose you, and I ask that you not direct or pose your children. Be yourselves! Laugh, talk, sing, dance. Read books, have a meal, listen to music, chill. Do the things you do when nobody's watching. I'll want to see how you blend together — your interactions, your facial expressions, your body language, how you communicate, how you help and support one another, the way you touch and love one another.

Following the session, I will send you few "sneak peek" photos. Within three weeks of the session, I will send you a link to your password-protected online gallery. And you'll see how wonderfully your everyday moments translate into beautiful photos.

Thanks for reading. Get in touch if you have questions or want to book your session.