Erika Kao Photography | Bergen County | Newborn Photographer

This family had hoped for photos after their third child, a daughter, was born last summer.

But life kind of got in the way, and the session was postponed. Sports happened, work happened, so the session was postponed. Someone had the flu, then someone else was sick, so the session was postponed. And then I had surgery and a long recovery, so the session was postponed. But finally, earlier this year, we managed to find a date that worked, and the stars aligned and everyone remained healthy, and what happened when I arrived can be seen in the photos below.

This family and this house. Swoon. Amazing on all levels. I mean, the family themselves were so chill, so easygoing, so fun. Laughter is clearly a part of their family life and household, and spending some time with them was like spending time with old friends.

And their children... as sweet and authentic as they could be. I loved that mom and dad let them stay in their pajamas for the entire session.

I'm so grateful that they thought of me, and I'm so grateful to have spent some time with them. Please feel free to view their photos in their featured family gallery.