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Some days, girls, I just can’t do it all.

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The laundry will sit in the dryer or in a basket, not put away. Breakfast might be the carrot cake you sneaked from the fridge and subsequently hid when I came looking, and I was so tired and so focused on getting to my coffee that I pretended I didn’t see. Lunch might be cheese and crackers. Or just cheese. The TV might be on, or the iPad might get unearthed. Dinner might be spliced together with microwaved versions of whatever I found in the fridge. Bath might be rushed and your story might get read faster than you’d like.

The truth is, some days I need a moment, or 20 moments, because I don’t want to lose my temper again and I don’t want to say something I might regret. Again. I’m not perfect; not even close.

But what I am is real and honest, and what I want to show you is that life isn’t all sunshine and roses. I want you to know that some days suck, and sometimes you feel like shit, and this, my loves, is perfectly OK and precisely as it should be. I owe it to myself as a woman and a mother to honor my own authentic self, all the time but especially around you, because otherwise, how will you learn to honor your own authentic selves?

That is among my greatest goals as your mother: To teach you to honor and love yourselves and to honor and love those around you. If I can help you accomplish this, then my life will be pretty close to complete.

So, forgive the mess and forgive my giving myself a "time out" now and then. Know that when you finally do drift off to sleep at night, with me beside you in your bed, my heart is at its fullest. And if I'm being honest, I find it very hard to leave...