Erika Kao Photography | Bergen County Photographer | Wyckoff, New Jersey

Why does everyone have professional photos taken in the fall? 

The leaves are so pretty.

The way the sun glows through the trees in the late afternoon is just stunning.

It's cool enough to venture outside.

You have holiday cards to think about.

And honestly, who doesn't love throwing a big old pile of leaves into the air?

The reasons abound.

But really, the single most important reason to hire a photographer to take fall photos is this: because this moment in time isn't going to happen again. There will be another fall next year and the year after that. But your family isn't going to be exactly the same then as they are now. Your children will be a little bit older and a little bit wiser. They'll look a little more like big kids than like little kids. They'll be a little more mature, if you can believe it.

Capture this moment while it's here. Find the time.

I promise, you won't regret it.