MOMS, TAKE SELFIES | bergen county photographer

By now, Mamas, I'm sure you've read all about the importance of staying in the picture. I was so inspired by Allison Tate's confession a few years ago that I made a point to start getting into photos more. Regardless of whether my hair was curly or frizzy, my weight was up or down, or my skin was clear or cluttered, I needed to make sure my presence was documented.

A SALE! A SALE! | bergen county photographer

I have to admit, life has been very good to me lately. Nothing especially interesting has happened, but I have a home, I have food on the table, and my family is happy and healthy. All of this is wonderful, and right now in life, all of this is enough.



Recently we paid a visit to the Children's Museum of Manhattan on the Upper West Side of New York City. We weren't sure how long the museum would keep our small humans entertained, but I'm pleased to report we were there from 11am until they closed at 5pm.

THE E FAMILY | bergen county photographer

Three boys.

I have two girls, so having boys, and three of them, live in my home is a phenomenon that I simply can't wrap my mind around.

But this mom, and this dad... They had it all under control.

THE B FAMILY | bergen county storytelling photographer

When I was little, my parents let me sit on the counter when they were cooking. Sometimes I helped, other times not. I always observed, though. Loved watching them "dance" around the kitchen turning individual ingredients into whole meals that provided my family with both nourishment and love. It was wonderful.


THE BEAUTY OF IN-HOME NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY | bergen county newborn photographer

I have two children, and I can remember those first few hazy moments with each new baby. The overwhelming love. The soul-filling joy I felt from looking at their tiny little fingers and toes, their soft skin, and their sweet facial features. I remember thinking, "Wow. You're here, in front of me. You're really here."


THE S FAMILY | bergen county photographer

I have always been a bit of a voyeur. Driving around at night when I was a child (and an adolescent, and a young adult, and an adult at the age I am now), I always loved looking into people's windows.

ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY? | bergen county photographer, nj

The response I've heard from everyone about my transition to documentary photography has been phenomenal. I've been so busy, my families are thrilled, and I have never been happier.

WHY DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY? | bergen county photographer, nj

I have two young children. As you can imagine, my house is almost always in a state of mess. I'm constantly picking up toys, vacuuming up crumbs, sorting and folding and putting away laundry, all the while trying to feed and clean and stimulate and teach my children to be kind and compassionate and strong humans...

THE T FAMILY | family photographer, wyckoff, nj

What comes to mind when you think of "family photography"? I think to most people, it means getting dressed, usually in coordinating clothing. Maybe having your hair done. Heading to some scenic someplace. And having a photographer take photos until you get that classic photo where everyone is looking in the same direction..


THE B FAMILY NEWBORN | newborn photographer, bergen county, nj

Do you remember those first few baths when your little one really was little? Do you remember the anxiety and the worry? What on earth am I supposed to do? What if I get water up his nose? What if he screams the whole time?

THE IMPORTANCE OF GIVING BACK | bergen county, nj photographer

If we're lucky, and most of us would probably say that we are, we can find ourselves surrounded by people who love us and support us and who do kind things for us. Usually when we need it, but sometimes even when we don't.


PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR CHILDREN | family photographer, wyckoff, nj

As I recently disclosed on my Facebook page, I wasn't schooled in photography. I studied English in college and I have a master's degree in social work. But I've always been keen on photography, and in college I took a few courses in film photography, but I let it slip...


THE J FAMILY | family photographer, wyckoff nj

"Life-changing" is a term that doesn't even begin to cover what it's like to bring a child into the world. The moment a child is welcomed into a family, a switch flips, and what you have are two distinct periods: before child and after child. Life is never the same again...


THE L FAMILY | lifestyle family photographer, wyckoff nj

Fall is such a wonderful time. The weather is no longer unbearably hot, so we can venture outside without fear of breaking into a sweat. The leaves are turning the most glorious of hues, and then falling to the ground. And, perhaps my favorite part: the holidays are approaching...


THE G FAMILY | lifestyle photographer, mahwah, nj

So much of our daily lives is about getting through it all. Making things happen. Getting things done. Picking things up. Putting things away. (And some days, putting things away repeatedly!) Making sure everything gets accomplished. Making it to the...


WHY I'M NOT OFFERING MINI SESSIONS THIS YEAR | lifestyle family photographer, wyckoff, nj

It's Fall, y'all! There's that familiar chill in the air and the gentle rustle when you walk across those first few leaves that have fallen to the ground. Halloween is around the corner, everything smells like pumpkin spice, and sooner than we realize, those falling leaves...


HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOS OF YOUR CHILDREN | family photographer, wyckoff, nj

Childhood happens fast. Babies are born, and it seems like the very next day we're sending them off to college. OK, that's a big exaggeration, but still. The days may be long, but the years really are short. And sooner than we realize, photos and fuzzy memories of...


WHY FALL PHOTOS? | family photographer, wyckoff, nj

Why does everyone have professional photos taken in the fall? The leaves are so pretty. The way the sun glows through the trees in the late afternoon is just stunning. It's cool enough to venture outside. You have holiday cards to think about. And honestly, who doesn't love...


MAYERNIK KITCHEN | documentary photographer, north haledon, nj

Shannon and Matt (of Mayernik Kitchen and Shannon Mulligan Photography) asked me to capture a typical Sunday morning. For them, "typical" included a trip to the Ridgewood Farmers' Market, a cup of coffee, and a stroll through their garden. And they served me...