bergen county photographer
bergen county photographer
bergen county photographer
  • Perhaps the most important thing to know is that I'm the mom of two small humans. So, I get it. I get that you want to hold them so close that they almost become part of you, and I get the frustration that comes when they push Every. Last. Button. I get it like nobody's business.

  • I LOVE coffee. And wine. And bleu cheese. (Insert Heart Eyes emoji here.)

  • I learned to drive on a stick shift.

  • I'm kind of a pen snob. And a font snob.
  • In a perfect world, I'd meditate for 10 minutes every morning and evening.
  • I love the smell of lavender and lilacs.
  • I have a master's degree in social work. Which probably helps me in my work as a photographer more than I could have imagined.
  • I'm a pretty good Scrabble player.
  • "The Golden Girls" may be the best show ever to air on television. Ever.
  • I really, really enjoy seeing how other people live. I've always been a bit of a voyeur when it comes to human nature and family relationships, which is probably why I make the kinds of photos that I make.

So, that's me. In many ways, I'm probably just like you: trying to make it all work while keeping everyone alive and reasonably happy.

Let me help you to see that beauty within the chaos. Because, let's face it. We all deserve that. And if you ask me, life is pretty lovely and amazing, just as it is.

bergen county photographer