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Your everyday life is beautiful, wonderful, and totally worthy of capture.


The most delicious details...

The sweetest parts of your family story are found in the simplest details.

They're in the little moments, not the big moments. When your son builds a city using only his Legos and his imagination. When your daughter cures her sister's mysterious "illness" using nothing but love and the magical tools in her doctor kit. Or when you watch your children enjoy the very toys that you enjoyed as a child.

They're all over, these moments. But most of the time, nobody thinks to hire a photographer because it seems like nothing is happening.

But something pretty lovely and amazing is happening.

And I'd like to help you discover it.



the family story




Your story begins when your children wake up in the morning, with messy hair and wrinkly pajamas and mismatched socks, with sleep marks from the sheets still on their warm cheeks. When you make breakfast and your child helps whisk the eggs or steals a link of sausage when you aren't looking. Or when she sits quietly on the floor exploring a book or drawing. When you play kitchen or dress-up, or build a model airplane, or dance, or play a game or work on a school project. Maybe it's mending his perceived boo-boo with a real Band-Aid or helping her make a fort to protect her family from dinosaurs. Or maybe it's those tidal-wave splashes at bath time, or losing yourself in a book through sleepy eyes at story time.

Your day is filled with opportunities to document your story. A family photographer can help you to do exactly that.

All of it is your story—it's their story—and all of it is worthy of capture.



the newborn story



and just like that, a new story begins

Ah, a brand new baby! The one you can't take your eyes off of no matter how heavy your eyelids feel. Maybe you're watching her sleep, and you think this must be what an angel looks like. Or he screams his way through that first bath, and you want so desperately to stop and hold him close. The details of your new baby's body mesmerize you. Her skin, which is so soft and delicate. His fingers, which curve so sweetly into his palm. Those toes, those eyes. When you hold your new baby in your arms, you wonder about the hearts he's going to touch in his lifetime, and you dream of the great heights she's going to reach, and then reach beyond.

These moments are the first few pages—the first few words—of your baby's story. As your newborn photographer, I can help to make sure you never forget these beautiful early details.


Hello! I'm Erika.

At any given moment, you might find me rifling through my bag to find a snack for one of my children, or using a baby wipe to get tiny fingerprints off of my clothes, or procrastinating folding the laundry that seems to have no end. Let's be honest. Sometimes life gets in the way of itself, and it's hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. And when you have children, some days the chaos knows no limit.


As a family and newborn photographer, when it comes to my own photos, I shoot to preserve our quirky reality. I want real and honest. I want the grit. I want my children to remember their childhood. The sun and the rain. The sticky and the sweet. The calm and the chaos. The beautiful, crazy wonder of it all. Every last glorious moment of it.

And if you'll let me, I'd like to help you find the hidden beauty in your life, too.






The ordinary is actually quite extraordinary.

Life is beautiful and challenging and wonderful and exhausting. It's perfect, just as it is, and it is so worthy of documenting. 

Through documentary and lifestyle photography, I seek and save those everyday moments, for families and for newborns, when you're doing something or when you're doing nothing. When you're simply enjoying being alive. There's a story taking place in your life, and I can help you write it.

Why is this important? Because one day, they're going to ask you about their childhood.



document your story



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