Beauty exists in some pretty unlikely places

Life, it's been said, isn't always easy. Some days are lovely, some are messy. Some try your patience, and some leave your heart more full than you ever imagined. I have a feeling that years from now, when we look back, we're going to discover just how wonderful it all was.

The sweetest memories are born in the littlest moments. The in-between moments. Like breakfast in your pajamas. A jump session on the bed. Lunch at your favorite spot. Hanging in the play room or loading up the car for your weekly trip to Target. Any morning, any afternoon, any day of the week is ripe with moments filled with the unique beauty and truth of your life.

Something is missing, though.  Most of the time, nobody thinks to bring in a photographer because it seems like nothing is happening.

But something pretty lovely and amazing is happening. And I can help you turn these seemingly everyday moments into great photos that you'll want to hang on your wall and hold in your heart.


Erika could not have been more wonderful to work with. She has that really positive, easy-going energy about her; the kind that just makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.



Hey! I'm Erika.

Documentary photography found me during a time when my life couldn't possibly be any messier. With two small children who constantly required food and water and fresh air and stimulation — plus the occasional bath — I found myself drowning in a sea of sippy cups, crayons, and laundry.

I'm someone you don't need to tidy up for. The toys on the floor, the dishes in the sink, the laundry — leave it. And those tiny fingerprints everywhere? I love those. Definitely leave those.

Forget about what you see in magazines. Instead, let's discover the beauty in your everyday life and celebrate your story — your house, your kids, all of it — exactly as it exists in this moment.

Let's find that sweet beauty that lives amid the chaos.

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